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Senior Credit Analyst

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Words I Live By:

If you are seeking the right path, you are already on the right path ~ Yehuda Berg

Having worked years with homeowners as a loan originator and a settlement specialist, Tom has the ability to look into credit and debt issues from a holistic perspective. Improving credit takes a keen eye and strategic approach to improve a potential homebuyer's credit file, but also be prudent in identifying variables that will help with their overall financial situation. Tom specializes in working with potential homebuyers providing mortgage and business finance credit qualification services. From understanding what a lender's mortgage underwriting process is to seeing their areas, a homebuyer's finances that he can help relieve the burden of debt are the key areas of his focus. Tom partners with lending institutions and realty firms that need help with homebuyers who either cannot qualify or don’t want to settle for unfavorable mortgage terms. When lending institutions are flooded with loan applications, Tom is there speaking to the potential homebuyers that are handed off to him when their credit needs to improve. Tom is happy to provide a no-cost no-obligation credit analysis and consultation. After speaking with Tom, potential homebuyers now have a strong plan of action to improve their credit that they may be able to implement on their own or through his program. Tom’s goal in working with anyone is getting them to the closing table and saving people money in the long run.