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The Phenix Group has a deep passion for helping individuals fix bad credit and achieve financial security. The founding members of Phenix have a passion for helping others; one way we do that is through our attorney-engaged credit repair process. Phenix’s goal is to help make the lives of our clients more manageable through improvement of credit and education in the least amount of time possible. We at Phenix know, behind every client is a unique story of struggle, unforeseen twists, uncontrollable life events, all which have led to their current credit situation. Each case is handled on an individual basis, ensuring the best road map, individualized for each client to ensure success. Phenix relies on the knowledge and foresight from a team that was put together specifically to focus on you and your needs. At Phenix, you’ll find well-trained, client-focused credit analysts with knowledge of the financial industry, the ability to break down the numbers and help you navigate the best possible path to your goal.

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Why We Do What We Do

Over the years, the credit repair industry hasn’t done itself any favors – bad actors have over promised and under-delivered notoriously, with a drawn out, simple dispute process that you could do on your own. In an industry where often times a company’s goal is to prolong a client’s enrollment to maximize their own profits, The Phenix Group charted a different course. We are dedicated to concentrating our focus on our clients, our clients’ goals, and their initiative to resolve these credit issues and obtain results in the shortest amount of time. Your dreams, your goals, your timelines.

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How We Do What We Do

  • Step 1: Free Consultation
  • Step 2: We create you an Individualized Action Plan
  • Step 3: Attorney Engagement-if necessary
  • Step 4: Credit Ready

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