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Credit Education

There are no flat fees for our individualized credit repair programs. Everything is methodical and taken on a case by case basis. However, the first step to determining if The Phenix Group will accept you as a client, is to obtain a FICO based credit report. There definitely are several options for credit reports available to the consumer; however, not all reports are made equal. Once the credit reports are obtained for all 3 credit repositories, your analyst will begin the analysis of your credit report. This is the only way to determine if credit repair is the best option for you.

Is Credit Repair My Best Option?

If the Credit Analyst confirms credit repair is the best avenue for you, an in depth consultation will be scheduled and presented to you in a manner you will understand. Your immediate needs, goals, and timeframe will all be taken into consideration. Once you become a client of The Phenix Group, we will immediately go to work on your behalf.

More Than Credit Repair

The key element, besides removal of erroneous information from your report, is teaching you how to use your credit properly. Beyond falling on hard times, the #1 reason we see individuals have bad credit is pure lack of credit education. We take time to explain proper utilization, how to diversify your credit, how to put money back in your own pocket, along with so much more.

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