Credit Score: 687Was: 546

We are excited for the boys to be able to have a place to call home. This is our HOME! We haven't been able to say that in 17 years!

New Home, New Auto, New Pool~All Things Are Possible!

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Dreams Can Come True

We got it DONE!

Everyone told us this was not possible; now we are standing here.

Don't ever believe what other people tell you. I am an example of being told no it isn't possible time and time again. You just need to speak to the right people who can refer you to more of the right people. Like raising a family, sometimes your dreams take a village. It is worth it and all things are possible through God and resilience.

Sometimes, you just need patience, faith, and The Phenix Group!





Letters of Deletion


New Cars


Student Loans

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Credit Score: 794 Was: 647

I can honestly say, I had a new pep in my step that day. I felt like a new man!

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Credit Score: 761 Was: 560

I was able to stop worrying about if we were going to get our dream home when we got the final approval! They took a ton of bricks off the top of us. We could breathe.

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