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Business Financing

There are several ways to approach securing a business loan. While securing funds is the primary goal; ultimately you want to secure those funds with the best interest rate possible. The number one factor in securing any business loan is having qualifying credit. Whether you are needing a short or long term loan, The Phenix Group can create a custom plan to maximize your credit scores, in the shortest amount of time possible. TPG also has established relationships with business finance lenders to help you navigate your loan.

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Home/Auto Refinancing

Credit talk is often deemed as negative when you have a less than desired credit score. Significantly higher interest rates on a home or auto purchases are typical for those with lower credit scores. Loan terms may also include other considerable fees due to the risk the creditor is assuming. The Phenix Group is committed to improving your credit; thus placing you in a great position to refinance at a significantly lower interest rate, on any of your major purchases.

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Just Because

It's no secret, credit repair as it relates to homebuying is our jam; but that doesn't mean we can't help the everyday consumer, too. Even if you may not currently be in any other category listed above, your credit is no less important. Honestly, it is much less stressful to have time to prep for whatever your goal is, instead of needing help-well-yesterday. No matter the goal, we can help with a custom plan for an overall clean up, as well.

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Home Ownership

We have designed specific programs to achieve home mortgage finance pre-approval. Your assigned analyst is well-versed in the underwriting guidelines and requirements. This gives you the confidence that we will be able to place you in a position of a well qualified buyer status by your program graduation date. If this is your first home purchase and you are needing direction in the home-buying process, TPG can also recommend a loan officer and realtor from our network of trusted and preferred mortgage professionals.

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