What Is a 609 Credit Repair?

If you want to repair your credit score, you'll probably hire a credit repair company to communicate with credit bureaus on your behalf.

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Credit repair companies will dispute any inaccuracies or negative marks on your report to boost your credit score. These credit repair companies usually send letters, often referred to as “609 dispute letters,” to the credit bureaus. They demand an investigation into unverifiable and negative information in their client’s credit report. In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of 609 credit repair in Dallas, Texas

What Is Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act? 

Section 609 is a section of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a federal law protecting consumers from unfair credit and collection practices. It states that every consumer agency is obliged by law to provide information in your consumer file upon request. 

Even though section 609 doesn’t say anything about disputing information, it gives you the right to access all the information needed to calculate your credit score. In section 611 of the same statute, you’re allowed to dispute any information available in your consumer file. If the information in your credit reports is inaccurate and unverifiable, the credit bureau would have to remove it upon investigation. 

Credit repair companies can help you identify and correct such errors–you just have to sign a credit repair agreement for them to begin the process of improving your credit score.  

How Effective Is the 609 Credit Repair Letter?

The 609 credit repair letter is assumed to be a credit repair method that requests credit bureaus to delete any unfavorable information in your credit reports. A 609 letter requests that the credit bureaus are legally obligated to verify any negative marks on your credit history, and if they can’t verify such negative information, they’ll have to remove it immediately from your credit report.

However, the 609 credit repair letter may not always work in your favor. If the negative information is verifiable, the credit bureaus are not obliged to delete it because you sent the 609 letters. 

How Credit Repair Software Can Boost Your Credit Score

Are you wondering what credit repair software does? Credit repair software includes programs that identify errors in your credit history and create dispute letters for deleting those errors. They may also provide the best ways to handle your debt, so you can quickly rebuild your credit.

Credit repair software is different from credit repair services. Credit repair services are offered by companies and include one-on-one coaching and guidance by credit repair professionals. The Credit Repair Organizations Act regulates credit repair organizations (CROA). On the other hand, credit repair software may only offer letter templates to help you fix your problems. 

Final Thoughts

A 609 letter requests that credit bureaus rectify any inaccurate information in your credit reports. The credit bureaus would have to delete the disputed information if it is inaccurate upon investigating; however, if the negative information is verifiable, the credit bureaus are not obligated to delete this, as the 609 letter would verify this request.

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